In life, we can choose one of two paths.

We can create or destroy. I believe that the best of human nature is naturally drawn to create. Whatever we take this universe and its causes to be, a life dedicated to creative work aligns us with the forces of creation in our world. It sounds simple, but I believe it is a way of thinking about our lives that can truly help us find our way.

As an artist, I work across fields.

I have worked professionally as a writer, designer, media artist, performer, and musician. My current practice is based in Omnimedia. In Omnimedia, we focus first on a question or idea, and only after that is clear do we decide which team and what media will best serve the project. Given the flexibility of current media technology it is a practice that allows us to take full advantage of all the artistic tools that are available to us. 

Omnimedia took nine years to develop and is the result of my collaboration with artists and top performers. Practically it comes from focused work with two colleagues: Colin Barden and Owen Brierley. The three of us created the final version of this practice including a model for working, a articulation of the approach and sample projects that result from the work. 

Art is more important than anything else.

Complaining is easy. Destruction is simple.

Creating is the hardest practice we can choose. To create is to build, innovate, and discover.  Art is a relentless struggle to serve and connect to the creative forces of life. An artist is someone who commits themselves to the hard road.

Art is a creative response to our world. We are given life, and as we determine how best to live, art is our thank you card to the source of the gift of life. If this sounds ethereal, soft, or easy, it is not. When we decide to respond to the world as artists we dedicate ourselves to relentlessly refining a practice that will always fall short.

When we create, we engage beauty far greater than we can emulate. Whether we sing songs about love, or invent new ways of engaging the world, when we create we actively commit to a life of gratitude. It is relentless, painstaking, and requires everything of us. It also offers the richest rewards imaginable.

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