Speaker, Consultant, Workshop Leader.

My professional practice allows me to travel the world to work with individuals, organizations, companies, and governments. Each time, I create something new. People often ask if I have a talk or session on a particular topic, but that is not the way I work.

My approach is based on research and experimentation. I do not believe there is one solution or approach that works for everyone. I study what works, ask questions, and analyze the information. My approach works because it is designed to serve those I work with, rather than providing an audience to listen to my ideas.

How can we do what we do better? 

When someone contacts me, I ask them to send me as much information as possible. I study what they send in relation to the relevant research, then connect it to examples from top performers in the field. There is no magic, just preparation. The approach works because those who invite me get research-based solutions they can implement, and I get to continue working my experiments with people driven to improve performance. 

I am an academic, but I will always maintain a professional practice. It allows me to learn about innovative and creative practice wherever it occurs. I am fortunate to get a lot of invitations to do this exciting work. Because I cannot accept every invitation, I am publishing a book detailing the practice.

The one word I always mention.

The word avuncular refers to someone, usually an older figure, who speaks to you in a way that seems condescending. They mean well, but their tone turns us off. One of my best friends, who also happens to be one of the scholars I respect most, helped me understand the importance of this word in my work.

I share success stories from performance experts, but I am careful not to give the impression that I think I have it all figured out. I do not. In life, I learn best from mistakes, but my research focuses on those who excel. Following their example is hard for everyone, including me.

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