Writing is my core.

I write creative, professional, and scholarly work. As someone who works in a variety of fields, I see writing as my unifying practice. My last book was Critical Condition: Replacing Critical Thinking with Creativity (WLU Press, 2015). I am currently working on three books; an academic study of the nature of words and meaning throughout history; a follow-up to  Critical Condition, and a novel. The first two should be out within the year, the last one will take longer.

Writing is my biggest struggle. 

It may be because it means so much to me, but I am never satisfied with my writing. I simply do not believe I have achieved what I should in my writing. I continue to study with great teachers, and hope I will have enough time to develop something of which I can be proud. That is a long way off, but I derive joy from the attempt. As long as I am diligently working at it, that is enough for me.

My biggest challenge in writing is overcoming a problem of my own making. I started life writing all the time. I did not write because I wanted to be a writer, I wrote because I had to. Then, when my first child was on the way, I realized I needed to leave my life as an artist and get a real job. For me, that meant becoming a professor. It also meant my writing suffered. 

Someone else’s voice.

When I became a professor I started writing the way I thought a professor should. No one told me to make this change. Now, I am working to undo the effects of years of writing in someone else’s voice. What I discovered is that writing critically is easy, but writing creatively is hard. When I say critically, I do not mean criticism, which can be highly creative. The writing I fell into was detached, abstract, and abstruse. It was lazy. It was the kind of writing we make fun of when we think of academic jargon. I love writing, so I continue to work at it. My goal is to treat words with the respect they deserve.

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